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Dawn’s first foster home was on a farm near Chilliwack, where she was sent to live with her older sister Faith.

Their strict foster parents provided them a stable, if regimented, life.

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6 Tips for Dating With Kids Whether you've been a single parent for three months or three years, starting to date again is likely to cause friction within your family.

“I remember it like a brief scene in a movie.”Years later when they were teenagers, Rose saw Dawn in a Chilliwack field as they were picking raspberries with their foster mothers. She was considerate and understood that I was uncomfortable because I didn’t know any of our family.”Some of her siblings Dawn never saw again after saying goodbye to them as a young girl.

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Then, as they have always done, the Crey children will resume the search for one of their own, a quest that, in many ways, began that day 40 years ago when their father collapsed and died of a massive heart attack.

Her father’s death will do worse than that, however; it will tear apart her family, chase her mother back to the bottle, and scatter her brothers and sisters to a series of foster homes in the Fraser Valley.

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